Valentine’s DIY Gifts


We all know that the path to the heart is across the stomach. If you like to cook i really don’t know what are you doing, take a spoon and the materials you need and of to cooking.

if you don’t know how to cook – you cane always decor some candy

Personalized Chocolates DIY

Pretty much everyone likes chocolate, white ones, with different types of nuts, milk ones, dark chocolate and so on. Have you ever wanted to pair some sweet chocolate and a loved one? This is the perfect gift for all of you fans of sweets and chocolate. You can print a picture of your loved one or the two of you together. Just pick a picture and glue it to the foil of the chocolate. Eating it and looking at the picture is just going to make it even sweeter.

Personalized Puzzle DIY

It’s very easy to make, you will need to cut pieces of an picture in the shape of puzzles and glue the pieces to the puzzles, after that you just need to put together and frame the picture or even better, you can assemble the puzzle together.

Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is the perfect gift to give to someone for a special occasion, event, or for no particular reason at all. … Every time when a person that you gave some pieces of jewelry looks at a mirror or looks at his hands, he will remember you for sure.

“52 Things i love about you” DIY

Simply type up the 52 things you love about your gift recipient, print them out onto paper, cut ’em out, and glue ’em on. Cut holes into the sides of the cards and insert binder rings. Add a front and back cover Print a ’52 Things’ cover sticker for the front, and add some personalized touch. Then, it’s ready to gift!



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