No-Bake Coffee Roll

For all the coffee lovers out there, these rolls have a double dose of coffee.
The roll is very easy to make, and it even doesn’t need to bake.
To make this roll it only takes about 30 min,take a spoon and the materials you need and of to cooking.

Ingredients :
one cup of made coffee

400 g of grinded cookies

100 g of dusted sugar.

one spoon of grinded walnuts

For the filling you will need :

100 g of margarine

100 g of dusted sugar

a tea spoon of lemon juice

one boiled egg yolk


  • All the ingredients for the basis you will need to stir very good and the mass needs to equalize
  • Next thing you need to do is to pour the mass on a greasy paper ( the cooking paper needs to be greasy because the mass is really sticky) and stretch the mass with the mixing spoon.The dimension of the mass needs to be like the size of your finger. Make the filling.
  • In the mixed margarine you will need to add the boiled yolk and a tea spoon of lemon juice.Mix everything. You are almost done.
  • You now just need to add the filling to the base mass and wrap the mass with the filling. Let it cool for the night in the fridge and enjoy the delicious and easy to make coffee roll.
  • When the rolls are done, you can put dusted sugar on the top for decoration if you want

If you tried the recipe please type in the comments what do you think of the roll, my family loves it .



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