Best Things to Do and See in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary adorn his unique,luxury and wellness.
If you go to Karlovy Vary as a tourist, not as a patient, then I would say that it is better to visit in May or September. But there is a very important event happening in summer. Karlovy Vary is a very famous destination among film lovers. Every year a huge film festival is held in the city, attracting directors and actors. 2019 Festival
 is planned for June 28 – July 6. 
If you’re looking for things to do in Karlovy Vary, also known as Carlsbad, search no further

Discover the Word of Becherovka

Two centuries ago it was used as a medication, today Becherovka, a herbal bitters, is found in almost every pub, restaurant, and bar of Karlovy Vary. Creator of this delicious liqueur, Josef Becher, started the manufacture in Karlovy Vary. Today visitors can get to know Becherovka better in the Jan Becher Museum,located in the historic building where this beverage was produced for 150 years. And you can try becherovka in a few different flavors (i recommend the lemon type).

Visit Park Colonnade

This beautiful and very romantic place is built in 1880.
Even though the colonnade as we know it today is only a fraction of the original building from the year 1880, it is still an important example of the cast-iron architecture of the 19th century.
it’s easy to recognize because of it’s unique drinking fountain in a shape of a snake.

Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary

Visit the Mill Colonnade

The Mill Colonnade ranks among the top things to do in Karlovy Vary. It is a long colonnade that houses hot springs and stretches up to 132 m in length and is supported by 124 Corinthian columns. I recommend you to buy porcelain cup from where you can try out water, pouring water in a plastic bottle is not a great idea because the temperature of the water, plus the cup is very cute and it’s a nice memory and a gorgeous souvenir.

Try Karlovy Vary Wafers

The first bakery to specialize in spa wafers opened in 1867, and since that time they have enjoyed huge popularity, becoming a favorite snack for those strolling the spa promenades, as a souvenir from a break in Karlovy Vary and as a gift for friends and family back home. Karlovy Vary wafers are often flavored with chocolate and a vanilla and hazel nut mix. They are just as good hot as cold and they have even become popular as small triangular biscuits.

Visit Diana observation tower

If you want to see the whole city from above, then the visit of Diana observation tower the right thing for you, there are two ways to get to there..:
The easiest way to the Diana Observation Tower is to travel by the funicular from Grandhotel Pupp in the centre of Karlovy Vary. You may use the lift instead of climbing the stairs to the top of the observation tower.In case you would like to treat you body to some physical exercise, you may choose from a number of amazing walking routes that lead to the observation tower on the hill.

Visit Glass Museum 

“Discover the place where the magical world of Moser crystal is born. Experience the authentic atmosphere of glass production by hand, breathe in the scent of fired wooden moulds and take in the 160-year history of the Moser Glassworks. You can also visit our shopping gallery in Karlovy Vary or our museum, whose exhibits present the history of the glassworks from the very oldest creations to the latest collections.”

Go to Spa

This city Is famous as a spa town and because of it i highly recommend to just pick a spa treatment from a lot of different types that this wonderful town offers. One a little bit unusual beer spa caught my attention. In there you can actually bath in beer which has got a lot of benefits for body and mind….

See Vrídelní Kolonáda

Vrídlo is the best-known of all of Karlovy Vary’s hot springs. At 72 °C it’s also the hottest, and bursts from the ground at such pressure that it reaches a height of 12 metres, kicking out 2000 litres every minute. This geyser is contained inside Vrídelní Kolonáda, a functionalist building from the 70s, along with four other springs, all of which can be sampled for free. For newcomers the water can be pretty strange, so don’t worry about taking more than a sip! Go underground for a tour of the spa’s inner workings and to see how the town’s famous aragonite crystals are formed.

Visit Saint Peter and Paul Church

The current church was designed back in 1893, located in Mariánskolázeňská street. How much the church is nice outside, it’s that nice inside, what ever the faith you believe in i believe that you will like the church. I just need to warn you that in the hill, at least for me ( no condition) it was a bit difficult to get to there.

Just Enjoy

The best thing you can do in Karlovy Vary (or somewhere else) is that you relax and enjoy. In order to enjoy there are a lot of different spa treatments that can help you, but you can also take pleasure in just walking trought the sensational streets Karlovy Vary If you only have one day to visit Karlovy Vary don’t stress, the city isn’t big, and the most important thing is to enjoy the visit and to have a great time. Have a nice and awesome trip and enjoy.



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