5 Biggest Attractions in Dresden

Welcome to Dresden, one of Europe’s largest baroque cities, a stands majestically astride the Elbe River. It was the seat of the Saxon rulers, who lavished their attention on its riverside palaces and soaring churches and left the city with their vast collections of art and antiquities.It’s hard to believe all this from the Dresden you see today. It has risen from its ashes and has few scars from its late 20th-century trauma.
If you only have one day to see this wounderfull city, i recommend to see what ever you can, not to see it all. I really hope i can help you out with a list of biggest attractions in Dresden


The Zwinger comprises of a number of buildings that together represent a Gesamptkunstwerk, roughly a β€˜complete work of art’. Like most of the buildings in Dresden, the Zwinger is free to enter and walk around, and it is a huge complex you can get lost in.

The Procession of Princes

The Procession of Princes is the most massive porcelain mural in the world, depicting a parade of Saxon princes and dukes to commemorate the 1000-year-long reign of the Wettin dynasty.It runs an impressive 330 feet long and is composed of 25,000 tiles from the porcelain manufacturer Meissen. The mural covers the exterior of the Royal Mews in Auguststrasse. For a memorable experience, come here at night when the painting is illuminated.

The Semper Opera

The west side of Dresden’s Theaterplatz, one of Germany’s finest public squares, is dominated by the magnificent Semperoper, the city’s opera house, built in the style of the Italian High Renaissance. To see the lavishly decorated interior, either attend a performance (which include concerts, ballet, and opera) or take a spirited tour led by one of the staff, who will share tales of some of the great performers and guests as you tour.

The church of our lady

One of the most impressive buildings in Dresden is, the Dresden Frauenkirche. Built in the 18th century, the ruins of the church were initially left as a war memorial of the war. However, restoration started in 1994 and were completed in 2005.


The Dresden Royal Palace

One of Europe’s richest and probably its oldest public museum, the Dresden State Art Collection, inside the Dresden Royal Palace, is also one of its most modern and forward-looking in terms of displaying and interpreting its treasures for visitors. Priceless art, opulent court clothing, intricate needlework, even Augustus the Strong’s personal garden tools are shown and their significance explained.



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