Japan funbox Review

I recently ordered a box of japan candy from the site JapanFunBox.com. I really like to try out new culture foods, if you are like me, i highly recommend that you order as well. I hope that my review will help you out.
You have three option: You can buy Mini package ($16.48), Original ($34.98) or Family ($49.99) and the delivery is about one month. With the delivery you get a mini catalog on english on who you can read something about the sweets you have got. Before i show you some sweets i have got and tried i must say that you wont probably get the same box because it of course depends on the size of the box you bought and every month they insert some new sweets in to the boxes.

1. Bisco 2. Potelong 3. Chocoball

I really liked Bicko, it is a mix of sweet cookie and sweet loaded fill it is a perfect combination. Yes, this cookie can be bought in my country, i would eat it every day for sure.

Mirinaga Potelogng is a potato chips but it’s different shape, i personally like it, but it isn’t different from a normal chip.

Chocoball by Moriga, chocolate balls with the taste of strawberries, they are sweet enough just right, i really enjoyed them.

In the catalog it says that it’s called “ Tasted Sweets” and honestly i don’t have a clue what is that, i can just tell you that it has a terrible taste and that i am chewing cardboard.

Black pepper Senbei – cracker with specific but weak taste, i did not really liked them, but they have a passing grade.

Kakinotabe is a interesting because it’s not equally spicy, some of them are not spicy, but some of them are really hot and spicy .


    • Yeah, their chocolates are really good. I am glad that i have ordered the Japanise funbox. I tried different snacks and i tasted some snacks that i really liked, like the chocolate, and i have tasted some snacks that i didn’t like. Maybe there is a box just for chocolates that can be ordered. That can be really interesting and yummy.


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