Easy Easter Day Decor

My favorite holiday is really close, easter, that day gathers the family and it holds
The family under one roof. I just love to decorate my house in a spirit of Easter, if you are like me todays post is for you. The decorations are really simple and they are easy to made so i made this post a little bit early so you don’t have to stress and you don’t need to hurry.

Eggs Cardboard Easter candle

This is my favorite decor, it’s really cute and there are a lot of ways to make it on your own, i put artificial flowers, but you can put what ever flowers that you want.
– First you need to remove the whole mass from the egg but you need to try and make the hole as little as possible, then you need to wash the egg, wash it in side and out side so it does not stink. The last step here is to make a hole in the egg the size of the candle that you have. And if you don’t have a right size candle, do not worry! You just need to remove the string of the candle and melt the candle to the right size. When it starts to cool down put the candle string and then the candle mass in the egg shell while it is still in a liquid form.

It’s a very cute and very simple decoration, the tutorial is not even needed, just cut the ornamental paper or what ever the paper you want and have as a shape of a bunny, and make two holes on the ears and pull the string through it.

Bunny Picture frame

I am not the proudest with this decoration, the bunny is a bit curved but i believe that you can make it better yourself because it’s really easy, if you want to know how you can make this DIY be sure to watch this video in which i explained detailed every step.



  1. Such a cute idea!! Very inspiring! I’d probably stick the eggs in a nestlike construction of little twigs ^^. Thx for sharing! xoxo Sarah

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