Sargan Eight

Sargan eight is the most attractive tourist railway museum in Europe and it’s a
architectural masterpiece in the narrow gauge railways in the World.
Sargan Eight, a railway going slowly uphill bending around its slopes forming the shape of a number eight, offers, no doubt, some of the most stunning views in Serbia.

The train stops in a couple of station, and one of the stations is made as a wooden terrace that offers a stunning view over the villages in that area.
Station buildings have been restored so that they look exactly the way they looked in 1925, and one of them contains a small tourist complex, it has got a restaurant, a waterfall, and a very long stairway that leads you, through the forest, to the next station.

The pictures are taken 3 years ago by me when i visited Sargans eight.
Even if i visited the Sargans eight a few years ago, it left a impression on me and thats why i highly recommend to visit the place.

“Nostalgija” runs in the summer season in the period from March 30 until October 31, 2019

The train will run every day on the relation Mokra Gora- Šargan Vitasi, with regular departure from Mokra Gora at 10:30 and 13:30 and from Šargan Vitasi to Mokra Gora with departure at 11:27 and 14:27. 
If the customers show the growing interest for “Nostalgija” run, the extra departure at 08:00from Mokra Gora and 08:57. from Šargan Vitasi will be introduced.

Also there will be every day train from Mokra Gora at 16:10 and from Šargan Vitasi at 17:07 in the period from April 15 to October 1, 2019.



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