Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

I usually don’t do reviews on books, but this is a book that i recommended all of my friends and i recommend to you too. This isn’t the latest book, it published in 2016., but i believe that it can be read in 2116, because its the story of a really important happening, The Second World War.

If you are looking for a WW2 book, or you are relaxed in a story of it, you will probably hear or read about the war hike that of course it can be interesting, but what is with all the lost lives? With all the innocent people? Ruta Sepeys is telling you all that.
I really like in this book the 4 different stories, 4 different teenagers from different countries. That gives us the more extensive impression of all that has happened. This book has left a big impression on me, i believe it will leave it on you too. I warmly recommend you to read this book.



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