Oreo cheesecake

If you are a fan of oreos and cheesecakes, i believe you will like this recipe. You will need around 45 min to make the cake, and you don’t need to bake it, but it has to be in a freezer for minimal 8h.


 Cheese fill: 250g of cream cheese

100g of mascarpone cheese

180g of powder sugar

250 ml of sweet cream

1 bag of vanilla,

1 bag of gelatin,

10 oreos

For the base: 20 oreos and 125g of butter

Preparation: Put the oreos in a bag and with the rolling pin grind the oreos. Put the grinded oreos in a bowl and add room temperature butter and stir it till it’s even. Put the mass in the bottom of a round baking tray 24 cm size. Cheese cream mix with powder sugar and add mascarpone cheese and stir. Sweet cream mix so it’s like whipped cream and then mix it with cheese fill. Put 4 spoons of water to the gelatin. When the gelatin gets bigger, set it on low in the cooker and melt it, then add it in the fill and stir it good. Half of the fill put on the oreo mass. Separate the fill from the base of the oreo cookie and put the white fill from the oreos to the other half of the cheese fill. Put the separated oreos cookies in the first fill, but put it in a circle. In the second fill put 4 crumbled oreos then put it on the first fill in the round baking tray, even it and let it cool for 8h. You can crumble more oreos on the top as a decoration if you want to.

After 8-9h cheesecake is ready to be served, bon apetit!



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