Skiathos, a Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea, is part of the Sporades archipelago.Without thinking i can tell you that i have enjoyed this island and that i had a greate time. The most popular beaches are on the south side of the island, including famous bay Koukounaries. However,If you are not sure if you want to visit this place, i hope that my review will help.

City Skiatos is a very romantic and mysterious with narrow streets, houses with blue windows, and doors, and a lot of mediterranean flowers.There is a very impressive exotic beach Lalaria, available only by boat that also goes to the medival castle on the island.It’s nice to see orthodox Church that is placed on the mountain, near the restaurant Sofia, from which a beautiful view is provided and the stairs are steep there.

Every day you can see the film “Mama Mia” in the open cinema, the film was filmed on this island, and the main actours are Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep.

Even tho i fell in love with this place, this place has got some flaws and some virtues.

The island is hilly and that wasnt a big problem for me, but i am sure that for someone that would be a problem, especially if you are staying in a hotel or apartment on the hill, nights can be cold because of that and it is a bit hard to walk to the beach.

This beautiful island is a bit expensive, the prices compared to the other places in Greece are a bit higher.

If you decide to visit this island, i hope you will have a really nice trip.



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