Bubble T Bath Bombs

Recently i ordered 3 packs of bath bombs and one body spray from the Bubble T company.

Definitely my favorite is the “Moroccan Mint Tea” flavor from the classic collection (180 g), i believe that the other flavors from that collection are nice. It smells beautiful and it has a high color, it is one of the best bath bomb that i have used.

The second bath bomb on the list is “Fruits Tea Popsicle Bath Bomb Fizzer” (80 g) that also smelled nice, but the grams made a big difference between these two. (Which is a bit strange to me because the popsicle bath bomb was more expensive) I least like the “Bubble T x Mentos” (6×20) that bath bomb was not that bad, but for the best effect from the bomb, you need to put all 6 of them at once. It disappointed me because for that price, you can buy one big Bubble T x Mentos Giant bomb 150 g for even cheaper. Also i need to say that every mini Bubble T x Mentos bath bomb is tightly wrapped and that makes it unpractical, it is hard to open. My final impression is that Bubble T has got a lot of good quality bath bombs if you can carefully chose bath bombs with bigger grams, from my experience the bigger grams are better and cheaper. And not to forget i really liked the body spray, it smells very nice.



    • Maybe the cheaper ones are not that great, maybe they have less smell or less color, you are right that they are a bit expensive for a one time use, but i don’t know if there are some cheaper but good brands.

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