My trip to Greece

I went on a holiday in Greece in the Neos Marmaras city a few weeks back. It is placed in a peninsula Chalkidiki, it’s a really colorful and beautiful place for a vacation, it is placed 125 km from Solun.

Neos Marmaras has two unforgettable beaches and many small ones in the area, and it has got a place for night life and places where to take a walk. Thanks to the beauties of Sitonia, Neos Marmaras is now a very popular touristic place with a port for fisher boats and touristic boats and for luxury yachts. It was build on three hills with a lot of olive trees and pine three forest, that gives this place a characteristic smell and shade.

The city beach is sandy and very spacious, one part of the beach is filled with cafes that offer free sunbed if you order something (usually you need to order something that is minimal 3 euros for one person), the second part is smaller but it is as pretty as the first one is. Chalkidiki peninsula is famous for crystal clear water and it really was crystal clear. I could see the little fishes and little shells in the water.

For a turistic place, the prices were solid, in one boutique i bought a yellow combinezon from the picture for 15 euros.

This city has two centers and two harbors. Both centers are filled with a lot of souvenir shops and cafes and restaurants. The waiters where outside the restaurants and they were trying to attract customers, which later on became a little bit tiresome, but they are just doing their job, besides that, everyone was very kind.

I really liked that most of the restaurants were by the sea and they had a wonderful view. I tried a lot of Greek specialities , but this was not my first vacation in Greece so i was in love with Greece cuisine for a long time now. If you ever have a chance to visit Greece you need to try out three foods, and it’s a must. First you need to try out gyros, second food that you need to try is Greek moussaka and tzatziki, besides that they have beautiful wine and olive oil and fresh olives.



    • Thank you. I highly recommend to visit Greece. The landscape that you see in Greece will be in your memories for ever. The picures can’t describe the beauties of this country. If you ever have a chance to visit Greece, make sure you go for it.


    • If you have a chance i highly recommend visiting Greece. Not only the tzatziki sos, their food is amazing and so delicious. The prices are not that expensive and their food is very taisty. If you have a chance, make sure to visit Greece.

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    • Dreams do come true. I hope that you will visit Greece. Such a lovely place for a relaxing holiday. Not only the sunsets are beautiful, everything is beautiful. The coast, the beach, the nature, the food. People are so friendly. It’s a perfect destination for a wounderful vecation.

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    • I adore Greece as well. Their Gyroses are worth the money. Every time i eat gyroses in Greece i can’t get enough of them. They are so delicious and tasty. I always order the tzatziki sos and the Greek salad when i go back to Greece. Their food is unbelievable. I wish i could eat their food every day. Thank you so much. I am glad that you like my post and i hope that you can visit Greece again as soon as possible.

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    • You are absolutely right. Greece is my favorite place to go on holiday as well. You need to see all the beauties with your own eyes to beleve how magical Greece is. All the pictures i took are like paitings that you can’t look away because they are so beautiful. Thank you so much, i am glad that you like my post.


    • Thank you. Greece is magical. My favorite place to go on vacation. Greece isn’t that much expensive and i would for sure recommend you to visit Greece if you have a chance.


    • I am glad to hear that. I can’t praise Greece enough. Greece is unbelievable, it’s magical. There is not a place on Earth like Greece. The sea, the beaches, the food, the nature, everything is just amazing. If you have a chance to go to Greece, i would definitely recommend you to go. You won’t be disappointed.

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    • Yeah it is very beautiful. It’s a perfect holiday country. Not that expensive, the sea is just unbelievable, the people are friendly, the food is amazing, it’s over all a country to visit for sure. If you have a chance, i highly recommend you to visit Greece.


  1. How fun and I love that photo of you with the sunset, you look like you had a great time. Greece looks like a beautiful place to visit. I would love to take my family there. My son and daughter would love it. I know my husband would he also misses traveling like we used to do. Have a great Sunday where ever you are.

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    • Thank you so much. I like that photo as well. It has been taken in a perfect moment. The sunset was amazing and the view is just wonderful. Greece is a perfect place to go on a vacation and travel to. The roads are good, easy to drive and get to the Greece sea. There are a lot of places you can take your kids to see. I am sure that they would like the Ancient Greece architecture and Greek Mythology. There are so many islands to visit and too many to count things to see. Greece is not that expensive, the people are friendly, the weather is just perfect, the sea is cristal clear in most of the places. Greece is a awesome place to have a lovely vacation with your family for sure. If you ever get the chance to go to Greece, i highly recommend you to travel there. I hope that you and your husband can travel more and that you can enjoy traveling and having a great time with you family. I am so glad that you liked my post. I hope that you have a great day.


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