Ephesus, Turkey

Not that far ago i was on a vacation trip with my family to Turkey where i had the chance to visit Ephesus. Ephesus is a Greek ancient city in today’s Turkey. In Ephesus there was one of the 7 wonders of ancient world, a temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Artemis.

The other wonderful part of Ephesus is it’s location. It’s placed in a soft green hill with dotted wildflowers, the ancient columns are like a movie set. Sometime in the past, this city was close to the beach, now today, it’s only 20 min or so driving to the beach.

Highlights of Ephesus City

Grand Theater

Grand Theater of Ephesus where gladiators fought and died and social functions were the highlight of living in Ephesus. Estimations are that it could seat 24,000 people, which is roughly half the amount of today’s modern football stadiums.

Public toilets

The toilets where built so that all the people relieve them self with out being separate. That was a place for people to talk and to exchange ideas. The sitting part was made from the stone, so the slaves of the wealthy people had to sit first so they can heat up the seat a little bit.

If you were wondering why is there a cat in Ephesus, the domestic cat is a revered animal in Islam. Indeed, a popular saying notes “If you kill a cat, you need to build a mosque to be forgiven by God”. In Turkey, the cat has got a lot of power, which i believe that a lot of cat fans will adore.

The Library of Celsus

The Library of Celsus was the third largest library in Classical Antiquity. It is known for its unique architecture and for the fact that it once held 12,000 scrolls containing a a lot of knowledge from the ancient world. None of them survived the library’s destruction in 262 AD.

The Odeon

The Odeon was a music concert, it was a hall for the wealthy and important people. It is placed at the upper part of the Ephesus City, located on the Pion Mountain opposite the large State Agora. The Odeon was also called the Buleterion since the bule (the parliament) of Ephesus hold there meetings, so this structure had two purposes. The interesting part is that the places for the wealthy people which there was 3, they counted as one, so that the wealthy people can sit comfortable.

Statue of the Nike Goddess

In Roman religion ( In ancient Greek equivalent was Victory), Nike was a goddess who personified victory.

The first commercial

The first commercial in the ancient world is feet in marble, wich shows the way to the public house, or as it was called in those days “the bordello” meaning the “love house”.

There are a lot more interesting historical information as that philosopher Heraclitus was born in Ephesus and that the gospel of John was made in Ephesus. I tried to set aside the most important and the most interesting parts of Ephesus and to introduce Ephesus the best i can. Ephesus is much more beautiful and more unbelievable live, than from the pictures. I hope that you have enjoyed my mini tour throughout Ephesus.



    • Thank you. If you have a chance definitely go to Ephesus, the history and the sights you can see there are just incredible. It’s not that cheap, but the money is for sure worth the things you can see there. The pictures you can take there are just amazing. If you can, i highly recommend visiting Ephesus.

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    • The place is unbelievable, so much to see. It’s worth the money. Everything you see there is history. The architecture is amazing, the buildings are saved and it’s just amazing. Thanks you.


    • If you have a chance go to Ephesus. What you can see there and what you can experience there is definitely worth the money. The pictures you can take there are just unbelievable. Worth the money for sure. Hope you can go and experience Ephesus yourself.


    • Thank you. For sure worth visiting and the money. The pictures i took there are just amazing, every picture i took was unreal, but the sights i saw, the pictures can’t do justice to how the places looks live. The place is full of history. I am glad that you had the chance to visit Ephesus, and i glad that you liked it. Happy Sunday to you too.


      • It’s around 1998 I visited there, 20 years back, we had loads of business with Izmir those days. One time a client push me see this place so I was able to go there. Your post was a flash back memory for me… Like they say history repeats I closed my eyes try recalling fond memories of the past. Very nice pictures and beautiful. Thank you for messaging and stay connected. Cheers 🌹🌿✨


      • That was a really way back. Probably was as nice as it is today. It was for sure good that your client wanted to visit Ephesus with you and that you agreed. I am so glad that my post brought you back to the great memories you had there. The place is just unbelievable. I hope that you have seen it all, and i hope that you can go to Ephesus again in the future and see the beauty with your eyes once again. I am glad that you liked my post and that my post brought you back to the memories you had with Ephesus. Cheers


      • Certainly memories recollected. I had no plans to visit turkey any more as we have opening to that part of the world. May be who knows what’s in basket…. 💖

        If you happen to visit Hong Kong or Singapore in Asia pls message me and alert. Glad to show you around. My respects. Cheers. 🌷


      • I am glad to hear that. Yeah, maybe you will have another chance to visit Turkey and to go to Ephesus. Hong Kong and Singapore are really far away, maybe one day. Thank you for you offer. Have a great day.


    • Apsolutely, an unbelievable place to visit. It’s full of history. Worth the price for sure. If you like ancient architecture this is a perfect place for you. If you have a chance you should for sure go there. It’s unreal. Much nicer and more beautiful live. The pictures you can take there are just amazing. Yeah…. Well, they were talking and getting more ideas from that at least 😀

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  1. Many thanx for sharing your pics and info. Having only been to a few European countries, I feel I’m at least experiencing travel through some blogs, almost on a National Geographic level. Have a wonderful day.

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    • You are very welcome. Europe is so beautiful and there is a lot to see and explore. Europe is not that expensive, well at least not all countries are. I am glad to hear that you like my blog posts. I hope that you can travel to more European countries in the future. Have a wonderful day.


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