I’ll show you how to make pom poms in a few simple steps. It’s an easy method that makes big pom poms.

To make pom poms using toilet paper rolls method you will need:

  • 2 toilet paper rolls (or paper towel roll cut in half)
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard

step 1 and 2

How to make it?

STEP 1 – Wrap Yarn. Holding the  rolls together with one hand, wrap the yarn around them with your other hand. More layers you have pom pom will be fluffier.

step 3

STEP 2 – Tie a knot as tightly as you can around the layers of yarn.

STEP 3 – Hold yarn on rolls and slide it off. Then make one last knot.

STEP 4 – Snip the loops using the gap between the two rolls as a channel for your cut.

step 5 and 6

STEP 5 – Cut your cardboard in two identical circles. Put one circle on top and another on bottom of pom pom.

Step 6 – Trim your pom pom

That’s that from the tutorial, if you try to make it, make sure that you tell me how you did,it’s super easy and fun to make. See you soon ^^



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