Easter Basket DIY

This is a very simple and easy DIY craft. And it’s great for kids, too. You probably have most of the materials at home.

You will need :

♥ Old magazine or newspaper

♥ Orange yarn

♥ Green crepe paper

♥ Glue

♥ Basket

♥ Scissors

Let’s start with carrots. First, take a piece of a newspaper or a magazine and roll it in a cones shape like on the picture. Then, fold the top part down. Apply little bit of glue at the bottom of the carrot and lay the end of the yarn. Wait a minute or two to dry and then start wrapping around your carrot. Stop when you come to the top, there glue piece of crepe paper and then finish your wrapping to the end. To finish your carrot cut crepe paper into strings.

Last step is to glue your carrots to the basket, and you are done! Hope you have a great time making this project, see you soon! ♥



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